CorbinFisher – Barron – Solo

CorbinFisher – Barron – Solo

CorbinFisher - Barron - Solo

Barron is a tall, handsome young man with a wide smile and a total nice-guy personality. Being that it’s such a lovely day, we invited him outside for his introductory video. Barron’s not really the shy type – so he’s all for it!

We find out that Barron was in the military and he shares a story of being caught fucking in an unlocked Humvee by his sergeant – now that’s my kind of service member! He adds that being so sexual adventurous means that he’s not one to keep a girlfriend for very long, choosing rather to play the field as much as he can.

We’ve got quite a field of sexy women and men here that he could play with, but first steps first – we gotta check out what this stud is working with! Looking at his long girthy cock, we see why it’s all play for Barron – he’s got quite the anaconda in his pants!

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