CorbinFisher – Kevin Gets Laid

CorbinFisher – Kevin Gets Laid

CorbinFisher - Kevin Gets Laid

It didn’t take any catcalling from this hot construction worker to get our hot coed in bed. Buff new guy Kevin couldn’t wait to get his hands and tongue on our sexy coed. She couldn’t wait to get his tongue, and more, in her either!

Under his mouth, Bailey squirms and moans. When he starts fucking her those moans turn to crying out in pleasure. Bailey is on her knees as Kevin stuffs his cock into her, pulling her closer to him by the legs and ass.

Kevin rolls over onto his back and Bailey climbs onto his cock and bounces up and down. As she rides his cock, Kevin thrusts up into her and we get to see his abs in action. It’s clear that he wants to cum, and she wants his nut. So she kicks it to high gear, but Kevin wants to look down at her big tits and ass when he does. So he turns her on her side and fucks his till he cums – and we get another amazing view of his hot body fucking!

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