CorbinFosher – Galen Hammers Jamie

CorbinFosher – Galen Hammers Jamie


We really should have named this video ‘Galen’s fuck-a-thon’ because the way he and Jamie go at it can’t really get described better than that! The way this young man fucks is straight out of any girl’s fantasy. He showed that with Bailey, and again with Jamie here.

It’s hard to keep track of all the positions the two get it on in. They throw themselves all over the room, flipping from one to another – with Galen’s monster cock relentlessly ramming into her with the entire length of his dick!

Those two don’t slow down for a second. Galen has incredible stamina that he puts to total use. Galen challenges Jamie to throw back as much as he gives her and their bodies slap with each contact. She loves the way his cock feels inside her. He bangs her hard, changing from one hot position to another often. With a throbbing cock ready to cum, Galen withdraws his cock just before he shoots a sticky white load over Jamie’s back. He bends down and licks his jizz up her back and pulls her to him. “Taste this” he tells her as his tongue delivers his load into her mouth.

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