Details for Bad Puppy – Vaclav Chovanec & Matej Borzik

Details for Bad Puppy – Vaclav Chovanec & Matej Borzik

Details for Bad Puppy - Vaclav Chovanec & Matej Borzik

Sitting in the windows enjoying a smoke Matej and Vaclav are deciding what to do for the day when Vaclav jumps down, walks over and begins kissing Matej very passionately. As they move towards the bed, kissing all the way, their hands start tugging at each other’s underwear and before long two very huge and erect cocks are poking their heads out of each boy’s underwear. Matej pushes Vaclav back on the bed and begins giving Vaclav a blow-job enjoying both his cock and the man-fur on Vaclav’s cock and balls. Vaclav pulls Matej over him in a 69 position so he can suck on Matej’s cock while Matej sucks on his. Thoroughly stimulated Matej is ready for Vaclav’s cock up his ass and willingly submits. Matej fucks Vaclav raw for almost 10 minutes before pushing Vaclav down on the bed where he mounts him again and begins fucking him even harder and longer. Vaclav turns over on his back, throws his legs in the air so that Matej can give him some more of that big cock up his ass. Matej pounds and pounds until Vaclav squirts a load of creamy jizz all over his chiseled chest. Vaclav pulls out just in time to spray his love juice all over Matej’s balls and cock. Winding down from the intense passion they kiss a little more and then it’s off to the shower where they wash each other for the day.

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