Sunny Blue and Diabolik Boy Flip Fuck Part Two

Sunny Blue and Diabolik Boy Flip Fuck Part Two

FrenchDudes - Diabolik Boy, Sunny Blue

Getting back “up” to speed with this hot duo, we see Diabolik Boy fucking Sunny Blue doggy style on the mat and the view is GREAT! My love goes out to the cameraman getting up in the action from under the two of them. Sexy asses, Diabolik’s cock playing “hide and seek” in Sunny’s ass. Not wanting to blow his load just yet, Diabolik pulls out and gets down on the mat doggy style and an “open” invitation for Sunny’s cock to play “hide and seek” in his ass. Can you say “versatile?”

Having the bigger cock of the two, I’d say Diabolik is in for a good fuck. On goes the condom and Sunny enters slowly before cranking up the speed on that jackhammer. Sunny rolls Diabolik onto his side as we watch Diabolik’s cock swing in the breeze while getting pounded. Now the boys play “tag, your it” again and switch out. Diabolik takes over again and fucks Sunny missionary. Sunny jerks faster, his balls tighten and you can tell he’s ready to blow. WAIT… not yet! They switch up again and Sunny pounds Diabolik’s hole while Diabolik jerks himself off. Diabolik cheats and blows his load all over his stomach while Sunny fucks him. Sunny pulls out and lays back to tug one out and blows all over himself and the two head to the showers.

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