Dirty Tony – Alejandro Cruz Fucks Miles

Dirty Tony – Alejandro Cruz Fucks Miles

Details for Dirty Tony - Alejandro Cruz Fucks Miles

Alejandro and Miles are just back from a long jog, and Alejandro’s feet are feeling it. Miles doesn’t even try to disguise the raging wood under his shorts as he takes up his buddy’s feet, and starts working them over. Miles kneads Alejandro’s tight muscles as he works his way up his buddy’s legs. Then the inner thigh.

Pretty soon the shorts come flying off and Miles’ mouth goes right down on Alejandro’s cock, working it until it swells into his throat. But Miles is an orally determined guy and he presses his throat down on his buddy’s cock, taking it down to the hilt before Alejandro’s thick rod finally gags him.

Then Miles works his tongue down Alejandro’s nut sack and then around his tight hole before slipping his tongue past the ring. Alejandro’s toes curl as Miles relentlessly works his tongue in and out and around the edges of the virgin manhole. Then Miles gets his attention back on Alejandro’s cock, wetting it down good before throwing his shorts off and straddling his rod.

He slides down on it, letting himself feel every vein, till it’s buried balls deep in him. Miles works his rock hard ass up and down Alejandro’s thick shaft, slowly opening his hole so he can ride it harder. Alejandro grabs Miles’ legs and starts thrusting into his buddy’s hips, rocking the whole bed. Then Miles flips on his back so Alejandro can drill his wood deeper into Miles’ hungry hole.

Alejandro throws Miles legs in the air, spread eagle and commences to pounding Mile’s prostate until the bed is quaking. Miles’ legs are literally quivering as Alejandro dispenses a major hard driving fucking to his hole. Both studs are edging closer as Alejandro grinds his rod in deeper.

Then he throws Miles onto his stomach so he can pin him down and plow him from behind. Alejandro’s thrusts get harder and harder until at the last moment he slips it out and lets a huge load spray all over Miles’ back and down his butt crack. He spanks his cock down on Miles’ cum drenched ass cheeks and smears his load around. Miles is definitely happy with the outcum.
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