DreamBoyBondage – Alexei – Russian Swimmer part 7

DreamBoyBondage – Alexei – Russian Swimmer part 7


Young Alexei, spread eagled on his back, is permitted a short relaxation after his severe electro-pain. Nowadays is his evening of pain – and it’ll be especially horrible. The slender, stunning child can easily see the variety of candles on each aspect of his body that is bare – each comprising an ounce of hot bees wax -burning candle wax. Alexei understands he should withstand every-last moment of it, but that doesn t reduce discomfort and his concern and has decided to this consequence. Warm polish to his chest’s very first dash is incredibly unpleasant, making him dazed surprised to shout. The burning polish keeps arriving, like red hot metal pokers, creating him thrash against his ties, his shouts echoing the real dungeon walls off. Subsequently, his skin burning, he’s extended to his point that was bursting. The lights dim. “See you in ten hours.”

Length: 316 MiB
Duration: 14mn 5s 589ms
Video: AVC at 3 000 Kbps,Aspect: 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 30.000 fps
Audio: AAC at 135 Kbps

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