DreamboyBondage – Michael Delray – Deviance part 3

DreamboyBondage – Michael Delray – Deviance part 3


Recently, Jordan DelRay moved out an enormous weight of cum and was left chained to some real anchor overnight. He’s bent-over a padded mount, sporting only his custom jock nowadays. Dildos and the whips that’ll be utilized on him stay continuous reminders of he’s bound and bent-over, only feet away. “You fuckin faggot , when Jared enters, questioning aloud whether he must mix or fuck his servant Jordan mutters. Course’s clear answer,, is equally. Jared smacks Michael& rsquo;s butt using the leather spanker releases his jock off and strongly fucks his very, red asshole having an awful dildo, producing the child scream murder. He then repeats the entire procedure, this time around having a considerably more nasty split-mind spanker and a more and more raw fucking.

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