DreamboyBondage – Michael Delray – Deviance – Part 6

DreamboyBondage – Michael Delray – Deviance – Part 6


Now Jared is just indulging his natural sadism. Yes, Michael was to be bull whipped on his back and ass – a horrible punishment. But Jared gets bored, so he ropes off Michael’s balls with a tight, elastic cord, then attaches the cord to a heavy steel weight on the floor and pushes it forward, forcing Michael up on his toes while painfully arching his back and yanking his ball sack. Then Jared lays into Michael again with the bullwhip, followed by more alcohol misted on the fresh wounds, but now every jolt of Michael’s body yanks on his balls, too. It’s probably illegal, but who cares. The kid has never looked better, stretched and in constant pain, totally humiliated. Next week: Tender chest and abs bull-whipped.

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