DreamBoyBondage – Neill – Well Trained Muscle

DreamBoyBondage – Neill – Well Trained Muscle

DreamBoyBondage - Neill - Well Trained Muscle

DreamBoy Bondage – Neill – Well Trained Muscle (missing parts 5 and 8 all videos in zip)

Part 1

Neill is bound to a bench, on his back, completely naked, helpless and vulnerable. His wrists are cuffed together under his back and his ankles are held in place by Velcro straps, giving him just enough range of motion to flex his well-developed muscles. He is not sure why he is here – but he knows it can’t be good. He knows the leather band around the base of his cock is there so he can be hurt. He knows these men want to abuse his body for no other reason than they like young muscle. “Please don’t hurt me,” he says when another young, nearly naked, muscular man appears and wraps a Velcro strap around his throat, making him feel even more vulnerable. “Please…” he begs just before they tape his mouth shut. Then the whip hits him. Next week: Barbells.

Part 2

Neill is used to pushing himself in the gym, but he’s never had a trainer like Jared – a trainer with a whip! He is bound with Velcro straps to a narrow bench; heavy dumbbells are handcuffed to his wrists. His “trainer,” Jared, orders him to perform very specific chest workouts. “Higher! Faster! Count ‘em out! You skipped a rep!” Jared screams periodically at the exhausted, confused muscle-boy, whipping his abs – and sometimes his cock – whenever Neill makes a mistake. By the end, Neill is too exhausted to do another rep – and Jared whips him nonstop, demanding the impossible. Next week: Harder! Harder!

Part 3

Jared gets even more demanding with Neill, even as the muscle stud’s arms begin to give out after holding the heavy dumbbells in a hard-to-maintain position that would have been impossible for anyone but a trained lifter. “Keep ‘em up!” Jared demands, whipping Neill’s abs as the stud’s arms shake and he lowers the weights. “I can’t!” Neill wails and his arms completely collapse. Jared whips Neill up and down his naked body, harder and harder, as the exhausted man lies there gasping in pain. Finally, Jared walks away, giving Neill a brief rest, then returns with a 100-pound bar and ties it to Neill’s balls. This time his punishment for losing strength will be losing his balls – not just a whipping! Next week: Ball-sack torture.

Part 4

Neill is strong – very strong – but even he can’t hold a 100-pound steel bar over his chest for very long. “It’s too heavy!” he sputters, a look of panic on his face as his eyes follow the rope attached to his balls through a pulley on the ceiling down to the steel bar. He could literally castrate himself if he drops the weight. Imagine his fear when Jared adds two 40-pound cans of lead pellets to the bar. “Oh, God! It’s tearing!” the stud screams as his arms give out and the heavy bar lowers. Next week: Can he still cum?

Part 6

“Suck it like you mean it!” Jared barks at Neill as he forces the straight stud to suck his cock. “You better get me off or I’m really going to hurt you!” he says before pulling his throbbing cock out of Neill’s mouth and busting a huge load of cum all over his pecs. “Lick it clean,” Jared demands, forcing his cock back in the boy’s mouth. “Please …” Neill says as Jared walks away, hoping that his torturers will show mercy. Seconds later Neill hears the whirl of a motor and feels himself being lifted off the ground, his ankles spreading beneath him. He can’t believe the pain that shoots through his body as he hangs, spread-eagled, in midair. What a perfect way to display – and torture – a young muscle-stud. Next week: Bolted against the wall.

Part 7

Neill is one hot muscle stud – and boy does he look amazing bolted flat against the wall, neck collared, arms at his sides, legs spread wide. He feels both unsteady and completely helpless and vulnerable at the same time. Such a position is actually quite painful to maintain, even for Neill with his perfect physique. After an hour or so, Neill’s legs start to ache from being constantly flexed in such an unnaturally wide stance. His back aches, too, having to be kept erect and tensed. Trying to relieve the strain, Neill flexes and squirms, putting on quite a show. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, the single-tail whip comes crashing into his chest. When his chest and abs are striped red, Jared enters and mists the wounds with alcohol – then whipping continues even harder. Now it’s time to place some nasty, biting clips on his nipples – and the very tip of his cock. Such a show indeed. Next week: What an ass.

Part 9

Neill has been whipped. He’s suffered horrible C&B torture. He’s been left for hours with biting pins clamped to his most intimate body parts. He’s been forced to cum and suck a cock, then lick it clean. He’s been strung up like a piece of meat and treated like a work animal. And, the whole time, he knew all that pain and humiliation would lead to one conclusion: Having a massive dildo rammed up his pristine ass. He knew he would be bound helpless and naked, then fucked – and fucked some more – until he screamed in agony. And now it is happening – and it’s even worse than he feared. Next week: Fallen angel.

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