DudesRaw – Rio Starr Breeds Dannii Devine’s Hot Hole

DudesRaw – Rio Starr Breeds Dannii Devine’s Hot Hole


On this DudesRaw film, Dannii Devine takes a taste of Rio Starr’s lips; later, it will be Rio’s hole that will taste Dannii’s thick cock. As Rio goes to his knees to “plump the meat,” his partner thrusts his hips to get it all in. By the time Rio begs the top to, “put it in me,” Dannii is hard and horny. Grabbing the counter as he spreads his legs, Rio first gets a nice rim job from the top; Dannii is all up in that hairy hole. Wanting a prostate pounding, the bottom bends over. Whether standing or on the stretched out on the floor, these two fuckers go at it hard; Dannii pulls out to spew and splashes all the way up Rio’s backside. Sitting on the toilet with a couple of Dannii’s fingers up him, Rio then oozes out his own creamy load, which his partner is only too happy to gorge on.

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