Elder Foster – Initiation

Elder Foster – Initiation

Elder Foster - Initiation

The men who make up the secretive Mormon priesthood body known as The Orderexpect total, immediate submission from the boys they choose to initiate.

And the boys have learned through years of training to obediently do everything asked of them, without questioning.

They know never to question their leaders.

Additionally, the men of The Order screen candidates for qualities such as self-discipline, confidence, and physical allure.

Elder Foster has become very familiar with these characteristics. Selected for initiation because of his boyish good looks and voracious sexual appetite, he has submitted with pleasure to everything asked of him.

He loves having a strong man grip his body and tell him what to do. He loves making his leaders happy.

When a boy both respects and trusts his leader, they can form the deepest, most intimate bonds.

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