Elder Ricci – Initiation

Elder Ricci – Initiation

Elder Ricci - Initiation

Only a select few missionaries make it to the secret initiatory ordinances performed by the brethren, and Elder Ricci feels very lucky to receive that honor.
Although he doesn’t know what the ceremony will involve, he is quite familiar with initiatory process he went through just before his mission. He is certain that this will be an even more memorable experience.
Because of his excitement, he arrives at the temple an hour early, and paces outside until the appointed time arrives. Then he is led past the temple men’s dressing room to a small private room where he is given a “shield,” a simple garment that leaves him almost completely exposed.
His round ass and big cock are quite visible through the open sides.
The handsome young man can hardly believe his luck when he steps into the initiatory chamber room and comes face to face with Brother Daniels. He has never seen this priesthood leader before, but he can’t help but notice that the man has a handsome face, a masculine voice that cuts right through him, and to judge by the bulge in his pants a package to die for.
Elder Ricci knows that his sex drive is irresistible – whenever or wherever the urge hits him, he is sure to succumb to temptation.
Given what he knows about the higher priesthood order, he might very well end up having sex in the temple. And the thought of having sex here, in the holiest place on earth, scares him a little.
And also turns him on.

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