Elder Sorensen – Disciplinary Action

Elder Sorensen – Disciplinary Action

Elder Sorensen - Disciplinary Action

As the men of the priesthood watched over his progress, it became obvious Elder Sorensen was intent on stretching his hole as much as possible. He worked his way down the pegs, taking longer for each peg as they increased in size. His face turned red and he began to sweat.

It wasn’t as difficult as Elder Sorensen feared it would be to sit on the first peg of the priesthood stretcher. Though his virgin hole had never been touched before, let alone penetrated, his desire to please the witnesses and prove his worthiness had helped him to relax and get the peg all the way in.

Although Elder Sorensen had never been curious about playing with his hole, he was surprised to find that it really turned him on. In fact, the bigger the peg and the more intense the feeling, the greater the physical pleasure.

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