Fetish Scene – BoundGods – Tristan Jaxx, Brian Bonds – Obsessive Anal...

Fetish Scene – BoundGods – Tristan Jaxx, Brian Bonds – Obsessive Anal Penetration Disorder


Brian Bonds can be an overall entire anal slut who’s apparently no stranger into this er, where he’s been confessed yet more for hammering still another thing up his bum. Right after Dr. Jaxx leaves to obtain a nurse, then Brian slides right in to a profound sleep and begins dreaming about being clubbed by his sexy silver fox with a health expert. Brian finds himself completely adorable in vet wrapping together with just his nipples and cock exposed, which so on swell with the extreme pressure of their unkind pumps Dr. Jaxx pertains into his patient whilst slapping and hitting Brian’s closely bound human anatomy. Since Dr. Jaxx flogs Brian’s exposed buttocks, his cock grows hard in the sights and sounds of his bulbous captive and pushes his massive uncut penis to Brian’s mouth to get profound, hard face-fucking. Then next Brian is tied into the bed and moan as Dr. Jaxx plunges one finger following another in to Brian’s buttocks – and so on Brian is riding his physician’s whole hand such as the genuine anal-whore he could be. After fucking Brian along with his hands, Dr. Jaxx rams his hard prick right into Brian’s buttocks, fucking him moan until Brian can not go any longer and blows his load while still being face-fucked and tormented with nipple clamps. Brian sucks and slurps on the sexy physician’s penis until Dr. Jaxx takes a large quantity of cum all over Brian and the bed, covering his patient within his tacky very hot load. Truly a wet fantasy to consider!

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