FrenchDudes – Kalaas’ Casting – Kalaas & Steph Killeur

FrenchDudes – Kalaas’ Casting – Kalaas & Steph Killeur


We asked Steph Killeur to do a scene with newcummer to by the name of Kalaas. Sitting back on the couch, we first get to watch Kalaas and his oral skills sucking on Stephs’ nice fat cock. Steph guides him up and down while sucking and we find Kalaas gag reflex. Off come the Stephs’ pants and Kalaas shirt as the two get ready to heat up the screen.

Time to see what Kalaas is packing and check out his ass. Even while Kalaas sits on the couch trying to get his pants off, Steph wants more lip service and face fucks him. Once Kalaas manages to get his pants off, it’s down on his knees so Steph can inspect the “rumproast.” Plump and tender it would seem and Steph puts his seal of approval. Wanting to see how well Kalaas can put that ass to use, he gloves up and starts working his way in. Tight it seems. At this point, Steph wants to fuck it and continues to work his cock in taking his time to let Kalaas “warm up” to his cock.

From doggy style on the couch to missionary and back to doggy style on the floor. From behind, Steph adds his own meat tenderizer after getting Kalaas back up on the couch. With cheeks spread exposing a sexy and slightly hairy pink hole, the camera zooms in to give a close up. Now for the “plat de resistance”, Steph takes a knee over Kalaas and blows his thick cream sauce all over Kalaas chest. Wanting to add a bit more richness to the cream sauce, Kalaas adds his own to the recipe.

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