FrenchTwinks – Do Not Disturb Chris Loan – Chris Loan & Kevin...

FrenchTwinks – Do Not Disturb Chris Loan – Chris Loan & Kevin Ventura


While Chris Loan enjoys the sun drifting peacefully in the pool on our emblematic inflatable unicorn, Kevin Ventura decided to disturb his tranquility! The twink slides into the pool and swims quietly up to Chris to push him brutally into the water. Chris, vexed to see his tanning session disturbed emerges and jumps on Kevin. The two boys clash in a water fight, squirting each other and struggling. In the heat of the moment, Chris seizes Kevin’s swimsuit who’s now full naked. The twink doesn’t have any other choice to get his underwear back than to submit to the perverse desire of Chris and he will start by sucking ! Kevin eats the big cock of Chris sitting at the pool, licks his balls and swallows his hard dick in deep throat. Chris will then get Kevin a little closer to suck in turn and to fuck him wildly. Chris takes revenge on the bad prank of Kevin and made him pay for his insolence by smashing his ass violently. The twink takes cocks shots shouting and moaning strongly. Chris delights in this little tight hole and will not stop to fuck until to unload an ejaculation of a supernatural power right in the face of Kevin.

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