FrenchTwinks – Midsummer Evening’s Passion – Baptiste Garcia & Loic Miller

FrenchTwinks – Midsummer Evening’s Passion – Baptiste Garcia & Loic Miller


On a beautiful summer evening, Baptiste Garcia attacks Loic Miller with a garden hose, but the twink hits back and they then embark on a wild water fight. Their underwear are soaked and conforms to their anatomy, revealing the beginning of an erection. It’s when Loic knocks Baptiste down and the boys find themselves on the ground, playing and almost naked that the two teenagers start kissing passionately and caressing. Baptiste is now hard as a rock and invites Loic to suck him. The twink stars licking the cock and balls of his friend passionately before Baptiste offers him in turn a delicious blowjob. These mutual oral fore-plays have much excited Baptist and he naturally starts to be interested in the tight little ass of Loic. The penetration is not easy in this hungy hole and Loic screams like a virgin when Baptiste forces the entrance to start fucking. After a few minutes Loic relaxes and Baptiste sends all his energy to pound the 18 year boy, at the first standing and then lying in the grass. Our two young French guys are very connected and the sex is both intense and tender, under the setting sun. Loic is moaning loudly and Baptiste accelerates the movement before cumming on the open mouth of the youngster who was waiting for it.

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