Full Movie – MEN – Dad Group (Full HD) 2017

Full Movie – MEN – Dad Group (Full HD) 2017


Aspen, Jake Ashford, Connor Maguire, Ashton McKay

Connor Maguire is Fresh into the stay-at-home-dad gig. Jake Ashford invites him to combine his Group for exhausted stay-at-home-dads to let a little steam… and unload a Connor’s induction starts with his penis crammed into Jake’s Hot tight hole, pumping out until both guys erupt out of their bulging mushroom heads.

Group meeting – he wants to receive his dick wet. cock. The guys move from the bedroom to the shower where there’s a close Call – but nothing will come between them and blowing a massive load.

Connor Finally gets to meet up with the group, and boy is he in for one hot jizz orgy. The dads strip down, their dicks hard and holes hungry. Jake, Ashton and Aspen welcome Connor into the group with their raging hard-ons working off all the stresses and pent up frustration of a sex-less marriage.

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