Full Movie – Wildcat Productions – Biker Pigs From Hell

Full Movie – Wildcat Productions – Biker Pigs From Hell


In case tough-looking, ball-busting, toilet-mouthed, fucking asshole dudes get you as rammy because it will us, then that one is essential.

Thank you manager Thor, O God of Thunder, for bequeathing upon us mere mortals among the raunchiest and most yummy fuckfests to come down the dirt street in some moment!

Cover guy Bo Garrett – looking the best he ever has – plays with a biker gang member whose cash and bike have just been stolen by means of a hint (Fallen Angel’s sleazealicious Steve Cannon, currently with shaved head and also more ink and piercings than ever). What would you anticipate – flowers the following day?

Bo spreads the word to his group that he’s on the watch for the burglar, but they appear more interested in getting high and fucking the shit out of one another.

Chad Donovan compels two gang friends to swallow his superthick cock at the back of Garrett’s pickup, before going to his garage and three-waying. (Love the velvet posters!))

Bo stops off at Joe Romero’s spot to determine if he has seen the burglar, but Joe’s already occupied with bottom-boy Dean Spencer. Potty-mouthed Joe empties his “bag-of-goodies” and proceeds to ram a ever expanding in size set of dildoes upward Dean’s buttocks before raping him along with his cock that was real.

When Bo eventually catches up with Steve, hang on to a ballsack! (Possibly crime does pay!). Cannon, with fresh tattoo (the term “Sinner,” directly above his bum) seems fantastic and Garrett never seemed better.

Boasting excellent production and photography, Biker Pigs is essential for biker fans, lovers of filth, and sometimes even vanilla queens who always fantasized about obtaining it out of a “real person.” Vroom!

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