Gunner & Jayden

Today I’m bringing together a couple of straight studs that I know you have been lusting after for a while now… YES today GUNNER meets JAYDEN! Watch as this straight Marine learns how to “give a helping hand” to a brother and confusing these two to fuck my brown tight ass every which way from Sunday! Gunner and Jayden show just how a couple of straight guys can make it work even without pussy!
When the guys arrived at the studio i realized that Gunner has become a pro at this because he was very relaxed and laid back as we got to know each other for the first time. Jayden was another case because this is his first time getting his dick hard for another guy other than myself. Jayden was nervous but I assured him that I would lead him through this journey and everything will be just fine.
Once we got the paperwork figured out I asked the guys to take some digital photos in and out of their clothes and I could cut the nerves with a knife it was so thick! I could tell that I needed to relax Jayden so Gunner can do his thing and this shoot can work out the way I want it too. I knew that I had to start with Gunner first and get him going before I could work on Jayden and I could tell Jayden was nervous.

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Audio: AAC at 127 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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