GuyBone – Cord Tops Charles Raw – Charles Grey & Cord Younglove

GuyBone – Cord Tops Charles Raw – Charles Grey & Cord Younglove

GuyBone – Cord Tops Charles Raw – Charles Grey & Cord Younglove

No wasting time, Cord got to the hard facts by sucking Charles’ already stiff dick. Then his own boner flopped out and I realized I didn’t spend nearly enough time with these boys in their gym shorts. Oh, well. The real fun always starts once they’re naked anyway. Charles sucked on Cord’s massively thick uncut cock some, too, then they frotted for a minute, then back to blowing. Both guys were giving stellar oral that I could have watched for hours. Back and forth, up and down, wet and wild. They had such witty banter and sexual sparks, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That’s more fuck for your buck!

Cord lubed up his fingers with SPUNK and slid them into Charles’ tight asshole. He was going to need a lot of loosening up if he was going to take Cord’s monster. Charles coined a new GuyBone phrase, one where the bottom demands the top fuck him “with respect.” Cord was raging hard and definitely aiming to please. They lubed up again, this time pouring plenty on Cord’s cock instead of his fingers.

Charles insisted “that’s going to change my life” as he tried sitting on Cord’s boner. He let gravity pull him down on it slowly, easing its girth inside him. When that didn’t quite work as he’d intended, he fell on his back and gave Cord the go ahead to fuck him missionary. Cord entered him fully, his bare shaft slipping past fuzzy butt cheeks into the darkest regions of Charles’ bottom side. They kissed and as Cord tongued Charles’ neck and picked up speed, I knew this raw screw would be one to remember.

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