GuyBone – Greyson Tops Felix Raw

GuyBone – Greyson Tops Felix Raw


Greyson and Felix. Instant chemistry from the moment they met. Two of my most reliable guys. Two really really wonderful human beings. And sexy. As fuck. They’d been wanting to film together since they met, but because they were both local and I could “film the two of them anytime,” this scene always seemed to get put on the back burner. It wasn’t until both of them announced they were moving that I knew I had to get this in the can or forever wonder how hot they would have been together on camera.

We’d never filmed in a moving vehicle, so for their big scene together we figured why not try something new? Boy. It’s a little difficult filming while driving. They were champions, though. They figured out how to balance, how to maneuver, and how to avoid being seen by passersby. I asked one of my friends who drives for a ride share service to chauffeur us around town. He was totally turned on by the idea of two guys fucking bareback inches behind him as he navigated.

The guys got right to it, laughing as they began making out and letting hands roam. It was a funny scenario to be in, but very sexy nonetheless. Within seconds, I think they forgot they were even in a car, and the chemistry boiled to an all time hotness.

Our escort drove us up into the hills for more private roads and much better views. Felix fumbled with Greyson’s fly. Greyson tried to help. It wouldn’t budge. They laughed again, these two have such a cute, sexy energy. Finally they got the zipper down and Greyson’s rock hard cock sprang out and instantly got sucked down Felix’s throat. Yum!

Greyson held his neck and encouraged him to suck deeper. His dick raged and throbbed, veiny and shiny with Felix’s spit. He humped Felix’s mouth and grunted brutishly. They pushed Greyson’s shorts to the floor and peeled off their shirts. Greyson’s balls were full, heavy and hanging toward the backseat. Felix slid out of his shorts and dropped back onto Greyson’s beckoning boner. He has a slight gag reflex, the bi boy he is, and can only suck so long before he tires. So it was time to give his poor mouth a break from Greyson’s big dick and let them explore some more with their hands.

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