Helix – Guitar Hero Helix Studios – Tyler Hill, Colton James

Helix – Guitar Hero Helix Studios – Tyler Hill, Colton James


Walking through the playground the cute Tyler Hill views attractive new-comer Colton James playing your guitar. Everybody knows musicians are such as the Pied Piper for penis therefore normally Tyler begins communicating with the stud and goes up. Obviously Tylers considering “If this person may perform with your guitar this excellent envision what he might do to OUR guitar!”

When The kids return to the condo Coltonis marvelous fingers reach focus on Tyleris stunning bronze body! Showing their own musical expertise off, Tyler performs only a little skin-flute on the huge member of Colton. Tyleris moaning is audio to the ears when Colton tongue-fucks his his restricted drum that is like a bubblebutt.

Tyler’s butt is moist and pleading to become fucked. Colton dives and the kids butt dick inside and play the same as his guitar. Striking lengthy heavy shots in most placement against all of the correct records, Tyler remains rock solid the whole period. We observe HE IS got good quality tempo of their own while Tyler backs-up onto it fucking herself! The orgasm is just a concert of seamen throughout behind which Colton notes down Tyleris buoyant and stocks together with his pal in one single warm ultimate hug

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