Helix – Introducing – Wes Campbell – Chandler Mason, Wes Campbell

Helix – Introducing – Wes Campbell – Chandler Mason, Wes Campbell


We Have connected red-hot Chandler Mason with good butt clean beef Wes Campbell to allow them to become familiar with one another a little better. As Chandler digs DEEPLY with a few hard-hitting issues Wesis beautiful reader child locks are coming within the wind on the stunning Cali beach. Wes doesn’t restrain! He provides all of the oil on his very first time to Chandler, just how he enjoy it within the bag and far a lot more, and appearing out of the wardrobe! Chandler tantalizes and he must obtain the child towards the busts. Campbell is mad attractive, super-smooth with a pleasant penis, ideal skin and sufficient butt for times and also the child understands what he is doing! Before moving forward to his pit cock crazy Campbell gulps at Chandleris ideal item; setting it up prepared and damp for an unbelievable bare-back boom! Egging on Wes and moaning for Mason milks his associate until he is coated together with his cum. The view of Chandler sopping in their own sperm sets a series effect off and Campbell cannot restrain; topping the little oneis cake-like it is the cream cake that uses and also his birthday is just a great present.


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