Issue 37 – Gino Mosca, Jean-Luc Bisset

Issue 37 – Gino Mosca, Jean-Luc Bisset

First touches with Gino Mosca, Jean-Luc Bisset

Sometimes there are pairings in which the chemistry is so palpable that multiple scenes together are a necessity. Such is the case of Jean Luc and Gino for which we currently have three pieces of content featuring the two. The first, seen here, is Jean-Luc’s first BJ. Next month you will enjoy their photo session together. This trifecta will be consummated with Jean-Luc’s first hard core scene.

Duration: 15mn 7s 221ms Length: 511 MiB
Video: AVC at 4 585 Kbps, 1440 x 816
Audio: AAC at 132.3 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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