Issue 38 – France 1 (Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan)

Issue 38 – France 1 (Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan)

France 1 with Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan

While George Duroy was driving with Helmut and Jerome through Monte Carlo, the rest of the boys were taking a different route to France, travelling with Luke Hamill through Switzerland and down to Portofino. Obviously their trip was much more boring, and instead of losing money in a casino they had to settle for jerking off in Luke’s Jaguar.

Duration: 20mn 58s 837ms Length: 1.46 GiB
Video: AVC at 9 834 Kbps, 1440 x 816
Audio: AAC at 132.3 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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