Jan Cerny and Laco Meido

Jan Cerny and Laco Meido


As we fade in on Jan Cerny and Laco Meido they are sitting on the edge of a bed. Laco is sitting behind Jan’s naked body, kissing the back of Jan’s neck and massaging his strong muscular shoulders. Lying back on the bed Jan grabs the bedposts and Jan starts working his lips all over Laco’s face, down his chest and stomach, ending at his pleasure trail. At the end of the pleasure trail Laco finds Jan’s thick and erect cock which he immediately goes to town sucking; his head moving feverishly up and down on Jan’s meat. Looking up at Laco, Jan states that he wants to tie his hands to the bed. Laco agrees and Jan ties Laco’s hands to the metal bed frame and he positions Laco on his knees, prepping him for his thick cock. Jan slowly pushes his cock into Laco’s waiting ass and Laco moans as it slowly widens and loosens. Once Jan works his cock deep into Laco, he starts pounding mercilessly; shaking the whole bed and causing Laco to moan very loudly. Jan flips Laco over on the bed, keeping his arms tied to the headboard; but, after some more intense fucking Laco asks Jan to release one of his hands so that he can wank his dick. Jan literally fucks the cum out of Laco because as he pounds really hard Laco squirts a thick load of cum all over his stomach and chest. As Laco finishes Jan begins fucking Laco’s ass again, working himself into a sexual frenzy. He pulls his cock out of Laco’s ass and blows a juicy load of jizz all over Laco’s chest and stomach.

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