Jude Fucks Pete

Jude Fucks Pete

Corbin Fisher -ACM0168- Jude Fucks Pete

When Dirk referred his buddy Jude to me, he said that Jude would definitely be up for doing a solo vid and boning his girl – but he didn’t think I could talk Jude into going beyond that…so, about a week after his GF vid, I met him for dinner and we talked about it.
Jude’s concerns were typical to those I encounter with most straight boys considering this type of work…he was concerned he wouldn’t know what to do and that he might not even be able to get hard with another guy…so I made him a deal that we’d take things slow and easy and I would pair him up with one of my guys who is a “specialist” at dealing with these type of situations…
Pete was only too happy to lend a hand. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, lets just say that Jude’s concerns melted away as Pete put his master cock sucking skills to work on Jude’s straight boy dick…I must admit I really enjoy the sight of a straight boy being pleasured by another guy and enjoying it!
Since Jude wasn’t keen on having sex with a guy – we agreed that we’d keep this video to just him getting blown and rimmed – and we would continue his “education” in a future vid if he was cool with it. Well, imagine my surprise when Jude leaned over and returned the favor to Pete by SUCKING HIS THICK TOOL and KISSING HIM!!!
At this point, there was no stopping Jude – he wanted to fuck and he wanted to fuck NOW — so in short order Jude had Pete bent over the bed and was plowing his straight boy cock into Pete’s tight hole! This one is a keeper!

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