Kail Kopec – MASSAGE

Kail Kopec – MASSAGE

Kail Kopec - MASSAGE

Kail Kopec is a real hottie. He looks so good as he lays on the sofa, on his belly, waiting for a massage. The masseur arrives and takes some oil to get started. Borek Sokol is the masseur and his hands are soon gliding all over Kail’s back and up to his shoulders, coating him in oil. Borek straddles Kail as his hands massage the back, from the underwear right up to the shoulders, paying particular attention to the spine. Borek pulls the underwear off Kail’s hairy ass and his hands get to work on those cheeks. The hands pull the ass cheeks apart and they work. Then underwear is removed and Borek starts working on Kail’s legs too. With the legs spread Kail’s cock and balls are on show as Borek works on the hairy legs and feet. Then he reaches between Kail’s legs and takes hold of his cock. Borek wanks the cock with one hand as the other rubs in that sexy ass crack. Then both hands pulls the cheeks apart to expose the hole. Kail’s cock swells nicely as Borek wanks on it. Then Kail is moved onto his knees with his sexy hole on show as Borek wanks that big stiff cock back between the legs. The wanking continues as a finger is slipped deep into Kail’s ass. Then Borek uses two fingers in that hole, going all the way in, making Kail’s hips buck a little. The fingers really probe that hot ass as Borek grabs the big cock again and wanks on it some more. His fingers ram in and out of the hole as he wanks on the cock. The fingers work in and out of the hole,stretching it wide apart. Kail’s cock is rock hard as it is wanked, with the fingers jammed into his hole. The fuck in and out of the hole hard as the wanking continues. Then a vibrator is pushed deep into the hole and a second one is slipped in next to it. Kail takes them both real well as they fuck his hot hole. When they come out Borek’s hands spread the cheeks and the hole opens up so well. Kail then turns over and lays on his back with Borek wanking him again. That big cock looks so good in Borek’s hand as the wanking speeds up. Borek keeps wanking on the stiff cock until it gives up a nice, creamy load, shooting over Kail’s hairy body. His cock is milked dry of cum as the hot cum lays on his body and Borek leaves him to relax.

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Video: AVC at 4 000 Kbps, 1920 x 1080
Audio: AAC at 83.9 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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