Knocked Out And Jerked Off 9

Knocked Out And Jerked Off 9

Knocked Out And Jerked Off 9

Released: Jan 2015
Stars: Jay, Joe, Diego, Ed, Sky, Bob, Tennessee and Dylan

Produced by Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media, the Knocked Out Jerked Off series is Jack’s perennial study of broke and broken men, each of whom ingests “knock out” pills and booze, yielding their unconscious bodies to the exploring hands and cocks of Jack and his buddies. In Knocked Out Jerked Off 9, Jack delivers eight new scenes where down-and-out straight men submit to the filmmaker’s perversions for a few bucks. Fresh from jail, fired from their jobs, these lost and busted men just ask not to remember what happens to them on camera.

Victimizer of men and manipulator of the down-trodden, JACK MILLER returns with his ninth installment of the KOJO series. In KOJO, JACK’s perennial study of broke and broken men, each man swallows “knock out” pills and booze. Once they’re deep in a “hard nap,” JACK and his buddies fondle to their hearts’ delight. NOTE: All men involved sign complete and binding waivers beforehand. This may be immoral, but it’s all good, legally-speaking.

Duration: 1h 24mn 11s 21ms Length: 2.09 GiB
Video: AVC at 3 400 Kbps, 1280 x 720
Audio: AAC at 157 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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