Leo Roun is one very sexy guy. He came in for a massage and quickly strips to his underwear. Then he lays on the table and is joined by the masseur who takes some oil and begins to massage the back. Mattias Solich is the masseur and his strong hands work all over Leo’s back and shoulders. They work down Leon’s arms as well coating him with oil. Leo is so relaxed as he enjoys Mattias’ work. Then hands slide Leo’s underwear down a little, revealing a hairy ass. The hands work on the back and onto that hairy ass. Then the underwear is remove and that hot ass is fully exposed. Mattias’ hands work all over it, pulling the cheeks apart and showing the hairy crack. More oil is dripped onto Leo’s ass and legs. His hands glide over them coating the hairs with oil. His hands slides into Leo’s ass crack as we works. As more oil is dripped onto the ass the cheeks are parted far enough to give a glimpse of Leo’s hot hole. He moves onto his knees which parts his cheeks and allows his balls to dangle between his legs. Mattias hands work over the ass and he takes hold of Leo’s cock to slowly wank it. The cock gets nice and hard under his touch as Mattias cups the balls too. He spreads the ass cheeks wider and then takes a vibrator and pushes it against Leon’s tight hole. The response from Leon is to arch his back and Mattias tells him to relax. he pushes the vibrator into that tight hole as he continues to wank on Leo’s cock. The vibrator goes in nice and deep and Leo takes it well. Then it is removed and Mattias continues to rub the ass and wank on that hard cock. Leo turns over and lays on his back as Matties wanks on that stiff cock. His other hand rubs all over Leo’s sexy chest. Mattias leans forward and takes Leo’s stiff cock into his mouth to suck it. He sucks it deep into his mouth and then wanks it again, speeding up as the cock throbs in his hand. Soon Leo releases his hot cum, shooting it onto his belly. Mattias milks the cock dry of cum and then leaves Leo to relax before going off to the shower to clean up.

Duration: 31mn 3s 296ms Length: 909 MiB
Video: AVC at 4 000 Kbps, 1920 x 1080
Audio: AAC at 85.3 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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