Look Ma I’m Bi! (Adam Bryant, Damon Pooch)

Look Ma I’m Bi! (Adam Bryant, Damon Pooch)


You’ll have to watch the entire video from beginning to end to understand the title, but we guarantee it’ll be worth your while. This scene features two hot and sexy straight guys in some of the hottest cherry popping action you’ve ever seen. First, is returning straight boy Adam Bryant one of our real success stories. He’s a true redneck from Titusville, Florida, even the city name sounds rednecky. Adam is a bodybuilder with 16.5” biceps, a big chest, huge thighs and a hot bubble butt as well as a fat 7” x 6” redneck cock! He’s a personal trainer and pussy hound who now mostly makes his living doing gay4pay porn (thanks to Caruso) – and he does a hell of a lot of it. His girlfriend doesn’t mind, she likes the perks of traveling with him on his many shoots and and living well. Bodybuilders like Adam with big cocks who can get hard, stay hard and shoot a big load are always in demand by studios, especially when they can do gay, straight and bi porn. Adam was first here some time ago when he came to break into the adult entertainment business and fuck some pussy, but wound up fucking a dude named Bradley instead which he obviously liked enough to make a career of it. Well, he recently called Caruso to see if he could come back and do another BaitBuddies.com video and this time he would be the one baiting the guy – he told Caruso he thought it would be fun. So, here we are on the studio couch, Caruso just having introduced the straight guy, Damon, a tall quirky but cute blond boy who wants to give porn a try. He’s a local redneck from Ft Lauderdale who’s pretty open about sex. He says he was once with a girl who put a finger up his butt followed by a toy and he got off that way. He also tells Caruso that he’s had threesomes with two girls and with a buddy and a girl, so he’s pretty sexually experienced. We also learn later about his crazy obsession with jerking off and getting handjobs in public. He’s really sexy when talking about his experiences – and you can hear all his kinky stories in ”After the Shoot”.

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