Manuel DeBoxer Pounds Brandon Jones Scene

Manuel DeBoxer Pounds Brandon Jones Scene


Its more than a hotel getaway for Manuel DeBoxer when he sees Brandon Jones mingling in the
lobby. Brandons body is tall and lean, and with each motion he makes his six-pack stomach flex.
Manuel catches sight of Brandon disappearing upstairs into his room where he strips down to his
white Calvin Klein briefs and lays out on the sofa. Instead of stopping by his own room, Manuel
follows Brandon and doesnt show any restraint when he moves in on him. Brandon looks at Manuel
with longing eyes as he embraces the built top. They start with some kissing before Manuel slips
off Brandons underwear and pumps his hole with his fingers. Afterwards Manuel purses his lips for
Brandons uncut cock; Manuels looks are ruggedly handsome, and watching a cock slide in and out
of his bearded lips is more than Brandon can handle. Manuel stands up when hes finished
pleasuring Brandon and shows off his beefcake body, furry and glorious in its masculinity. Brandon
worships Manuels cock with his mouth and tongue before rolling over for a deep rimjob. When
Brandon is properly teased, Manuel slips on a condom and enter his hole: first hes slow so
Brandon can relax, but soon after he starts fucking him with fury. They move over to Brandons
bed, who is carried and tossed like a doll so Manuel can get off. When they cum, its an explosion
of seed!

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