Marcelo Menzez – MASSAGE

Marcelo Menzez – MASSAGE

WilliamHiggins - Marcelo Menzez - MASSAGE

The handsome, and very sexy, Marcel Menzez agreed to a massage. He walks into the room and strips to his underwear and then lays on the bed. The masseur, also just in underwear, moves onto the bed and gets right to work. He oils his hands and starts massaging Marcelo bad and shoulder. Marcelo’s sexy body starts to glisten as it is coated in the oil. The hands work all over the back and then concentrate on the shoulders and upper arms. His underwear is pulled off his sexy as so that the hands can glide on to the sexy cheeks as they work. Marcelo’s ass lifts off the bed as the hands glide over the ass cheeks. His underwear is pulled off and the masseur reaches under Marcelo to pull his cock, which is already rock hard, back between his legs. Oil is applied to that sexy ass as the hands really get to work on it. The cheeks are spread to expose Marcelo’s tight hole and he feels a hand rubbing oil onto his stiff dick too. Finger, all slick with oil, soon begins to probe Marcelo’s tight hole. Marcelo’s ass gyrates against the bed as he feels his hole played with.He moves onto his knees and rubs his cock and balls as his ass cheeks spread to show his hole. The masseur takes hold of Marcelo’s big, stiff cock and wanks it as the other hand rubs over his sexy ass. The hole is fingered again as his dick is wanked. Then a vibrator slides into the tight hole as Marcelo wanks himself. The vibrator continues to probe Marcelo’s hole and the masseur wanks the cock some more. Then Marcelo turns over onto his back. He is positioned by the masseur who applies more oil and then lifts Marcelo’s legs in the air. He grabs the cock and wanks it while continuing to rub that sexy ass and to probe the tight hole. His big cock is rock hard as the masseur keeps wanking it hard. Marcelo’s hips work as his cock seems to swell with hardness and then erupts with his creamy cum. Marcelo’s hand moves to grab his own cock and milk it. But the masseur takes over again and rubs the tender, swollen, cock head. Marcelo’s legs come together as he feels the tingling caused by the rubbing of the head. After a very good scene he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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