MilitaryClassified – Case 2nd video

MilitaryClassified – Case 2nd video


Case is back and this blue eyed stud has returned to make a little bit more cash! Yes the BJ must have been pretty good because he’s back and this time he’s here with a little more experience and 3 extra days of a big fat load he saved up. Watch as Rob sucks Case’s cock and leave him breathless!
Case is a conservative looking all American looking former soldier and he has a very nice body and a great smile that would make you melt if you experienced it up close. We made our way upstairs to my living room where we got our paperwork filled out and all the particulars. Soon I was taking some excellent photos of this stud. The great thing about these shoots is that I get to photograph these guys in and out of their clothes and create some pretty interesting shots.
Next we made our way downstairs to my bedroom where I was all set up and ready to go. Case came into the room and although he’s been here before, this is only his second shoot so he was still a little nervous to see all the lights and cameras. I asked him to find some porn to watch and before long he was comfortable in his seat and sporting a half woody in his pants.
I could hardly wait to get my hands on that cock and before long I had him butt naked in front of me with those blue eyes starring at me ready for my mouth. I sucked this boy like there was no tomorrow. I love sucking a hot straight guy and take pleasure in making sure that he is getting 100% of what I can give him to make him feel amazing when he orgasms. So much so that he will always remember the orgasm and want to return for more.
I gave CASE one of the better blowjobs for me because of how much I wanted to please him. Case, of course, was basking in the attention but not forgetting how incredibly good the blowjob was feeling and it came to the point where he could no longer sustain the control and gave me the warning “I’m about to cum.” That is my favorite words to hear.

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