MilitaryClassified – Lincoln

MilitaryClassified – Lincoln

MilitaryClassified - Lincoln

Today I’m introducing a new recruit to my line up and this straight Latino stud names LINCOLN has allowed me to videotape him for the first time in his life. More interesting is the fact that he also allowed me to suck his dick. A first for LINCOLN because only women have graced his cock. Today I’ve managed to convince him to let me give him a blowjob that made history for this straight stud today. This is real, not amateur and what you see is what sometimes happens when things don’t click always.

Lincoln is a very hot looking Latino. He’s well built and muscular, he’s good looking, smooth skin, and a healthy 7 inch cut cock which surprised me to see. We made our way upstairs and I sat him down to interview him because when I meet these guys they aren’t always completely informed about what’s going to happen. A straight guy will NOT meet with you if he knows your after him. He needs to feel that he’s being treated as professional as possible to make it work. Its taken me years to get to this point.

Once I laid out what exactly I wanted him to do he looked at me with a blank look on his face and when he did finally say something, it was… “sure how much will it pay?” I get the impression that straight guys these days are not only comfortable with their sexuality but really don’t feel threatened when approached by a gay situation or person for that matter. Because it was presented so professionally, he was really open to the situation and the pay of course.

This shoot was my most interesting one I think i’ve ever experienced. This guy was not only hot, cute and sexy, but he was also pushy, cocky, and confident. He knew exactly how he wanted to cum and made sure he told me exactly how to do it. I’ve never been schooled on cock sucking as much as this guy did. It was quite a shoot. I think we were shooting for a good 6 hours.. yep 6 hours… this guy struggled to get things done and I worked feverishly to get this boy off so you will see the progression of this shoot.
I must have sucked this boy for hours… literally. I got this boy rock hard but Lincoln was definitely not feeling my blowjob and I had to hand things off to Lincoln and even leave the room before he finally brought himself to an orgasm. I have to say this has to be the strangest shoot I’ve ever done so far and that’s saying something for 11 years of work. Enjoy this one anyway!

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