MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – DISCIPLINARY ACTION

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – DISCIPLINARY ACTION

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – DISCIPLINARY ACTION

Elder Dobrovnik is thrilled that he is being given the chance to join The Order. The young Mormon boy knows he will have to work hard to earn a place among the powerful men, but he relishes the opportunity to serve.

After being in the church for just one year, he was called on his mission. A year after that, the industrious boy was called as one of the mission president’s Assistants to the President.

Because of his obedient nature, he was also singled out by The Brethren. When he received his calling to join The Order, Elder Dobrovnik was warned, however, that he must never tell anyone about his secret experiences inside the Temple.

And before he is ordained, he must surrender himself completely to anything he is asked to do.

The square-jawed nineteen year old arrived at President Oak’s office not knowing what to expect. At the outset, he was cautioned to be completely obedient. For that reason alone he didn’t hesitate when Oaks commanded him to stand, undress and get on top of his desk.

At first, Elder Dobrovnik was nervous. He had been nude around other boys a lot growing up. There are fewer concerns about modesty among boys and men in Russia.

Nevertheless, boys had never interested him sexually. And at that moment he was fixated on the idea that what he was doing would be frowned on by other ecclesiastical leaders.

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