MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – INITIATION

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – INITIATION


The cum is still dripping from Elder Dobrovnik’s hole when President Ballard orders him to to his feet.

President Ballard’s nephew is standing by his uncle. Dobrovnik was so dazed by the deeply pleasurable pounding the boy gave him that he didn’t notice the boy stand up.

Elder Dobrovnik had never been with another boy his own age growing up. He had girlfriends, but hadn’t thought about boys sexually.

But he was just having sex with another boy…his mission president had just instructed his nephew to fuck him while the president watched.

What is more, he has learned that his mission president is a member of a fraternal order of priesthood leaders known as The Brethren.

It has been a lot of information for the young Mormon missionary to absorb. And at the moment he is preoccupied replaying what just happened.

President Ballard’s studly young nephew had taken control of his body, fucking him for what felt like an eternity before shooting his load deep inside him. Being fucked was intensely pleasurable. But being watched drove Dobrovnik crazy.

“You seem to have liked that,” President Ballard says in his deep masculine voice.

Dobrovnik watches the man readjust the sizeable bulge in his pants and the boy has to repress a smile. He is thrilled that the man is aroused.

“My nephew’s a handsome boy. Wouldn’t you agree?”

More than just the sex, Elder Dobrovnik considered his attraction to another boy. He was, in fact, aware that he was very attracted to the young man.

The missionary boy nods.

His mission president is visibly pleased. He tells the boy to clean himself up and Elder Dobrovnik nods dutifully.

He can’t help but watch the flexing movement of his mission president’s nephew’s tight ass as he and President Ballard leave the room.

A handsome ordinance worker accompanies him back to his missionary apartment and the two wait for his companion to return. Unlike Dobrovnik, his companion had a much less eventful day spent with a member of the Ward on splits.

While they wait, Elder Dobrovnik replays the events of the past few weeks in his mind.

The sexual attentions of men have been a new experience for the strapping young, Russian. Before he joined the church and was baptised he’d had sex with several girls, but he’d never so much as given a boy a second glance.

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