MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – Second Anointing (with President Oaks)

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik – Second Anointing (with President Oaks)


Elder Dobrovnik was familiar with a certain kind of structure in his life. Starting from his orderly, Russian childhood, he was always one to stay within the lines, follow the rules, and seek out men of authority to whom he could be obedient. As his eyes awoke to the early morning light of his window, he could feel the inner workings of that structured behavior begin to turn on.

Just as his muscles were preparing to begin their morning routine of pushups and sit-ups, he could feel the unusual presence of new warmth and weight in his bed. There, still sleeping next to him, lay Elder Esplin, breathing softly and smoothly, still resting from their previous night’s activities.

Nothing could be further from what he had been used to. Dobrovnik couldn’t believe the change in his mind and body, from never even considering being intimate with another man to now loving it–craving it even!

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