MormonBoyz – Elder Dudley – THE SACRAMENT

MormonBoyz – Elder Dudley – THE SACRAMENT


Sweat runs down the crack of Elder Dudley’s ass. The handsome boy can not tell if it is coming from him, or fromPresident Nelson, whose chiseled body slams against him.

All thoughts of Elder Ence, Dudley’s dreamy mission companion have vanished from his mind. Though Dudley, Ence, and Sorensen recently had a threesome that left the trio absolutely spent, President Nelson’s commanding presence and horse-sized cock are all that Dudley can concentrate on, now.

Dudley was summoned to the Temple earlier in the day for the final ordinance. He had butterflies in his stomach knowing it would be President Nelson, the powerful man who had taught him so much about submission and satisfaction, who would ordain him.

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