MormonBoyz – Elder Ence – ORDINATION

MormonBoyz – Elder Ence – ORDINATION


Elder Ence carefully and slowly knotted his tie in the mirror, making sure it was perfectly straight. No hair out of place, shirt ironed, and name tag clean and shiny. He was giving himself a final look over as he waited in one of the hallways of the Temple. At any moment he would be called in to meet with President Nelson, and he took special care to have every piece of his appearance neat and presentable.

It’s hard to believe that this was the same untamable stallion who not too long ago was causing so much chaos at the Missionary Training Center.

Earlier in the week, he’d received notice that the day of his Ordination has been set. He would join the secret brotherhood.

His new position of authority will allow him to have sex with virtually any sexy Mormon he wanted, and this thought was enough to cause a slight rise in his perfectly pressed pants.

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