MormonBoyz – Elder Foster – Disciplinary Action

MormonBoyz – Elder Foster – Disciplinary Action

Elder Foster - Disciplinary Action

Elder Foster arrived early for his meeting with Patriarch Smith. Being late for his disciplinary action seemed like a bad idea.

But there was something else driving him. Elder Foster was told the disciplinary action involved him getting spanked. He imagined the patriarch would tell him to drop his pants. Or maybe the patriarch would grab him and remove his clothes.

Either way, he knew the Patriarch was going to lay him over his lap with his ass exposed and vulnerable.

He knew this, but despite this fact (or maybe because of it?), his dick would swell and his balls ache for release at just the thought of it.

Everything he had experienced up until this point at the hands of the brethren, even the scary sounding things, had been incredibly erotic.

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