MormonBoyz – Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat (with President...

MormonBoyz – Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat (with President Nelson)


Neither Elder Oaks nor Elder Holland could be happier. Having been inducted into the Order and attaining the higher level of priesthood authority, they had formed a strong bond.

Knowing the unique circumstances for each boy–namely Oaks’ connection with his father and Holland’s less than perfect history with his companion–the Brethren determined that they would benefit from some time away from the grind of daily mission life.

Fortunately, the Brethren owned a beautiful home in a secluded area where the handsome President Nelson could take the boys for a private priesthood retreat under his supervision.

As soon as they arrived at the home, the boys were immediately led into the main room and told to remove their clothes.

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