MormonBoyz – Elder Oaks – THE COVENANT

MormonBoyz – Elder Oaks – THE COVENANT


Elder Oaks was always a bit timid around the other boys. All through his life he’d kept his head low and tried not to ruffle any feathers. This shy behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the young boy’s father, and President Oaks did everything he could to dote on and praise his son. He worried sometimes that maybe he was too soft on him. He couldn’t help it. He loved his son too much.

Seeing him grow into a young man and begin his mission filled him with intense pride. But it wasn’t until he caught his son sniffing his musky jock that he thought his own son might be a strong candidate to join the secret society of the Order.

He took special care in bringing him in, conducting his invitation and preparing him for the priesthood. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be able to see his own son called to the Order. He is ready to guide his son through the procedural steps required before he can claim his boy’s hole for himself.

It was for his own good that Elder Oaks learn to please others, as unquestioned and unbridled obedience is the cornerstone of the Order.

As much as it frustrated him, President Oaks refrained from engaging with his son until it was time for his next anointing.

Elder Oaks took notice of this withdrawal and began to question his own desirability to his father. He was so confused why things had gotten so cold between them. As much as he wanted to become a member of the Order, he wanted more to satisfy the needs of his dad.

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