MormonBoyz – Elder Stewart – EXIT INTERVIEW

MormonBoyz – Elder Stewart – EXIT INTERVIEW


Elder Stewart’s mission is nearly over and he’s having mixed feelings about it. While the boy is trunky – missionary speak for being excited to pack your bags (trunks) and head back to the pre-mission world of friends and family – he knows he will miss the weekly and sometimes daily interactions with the many men of The Order.

The day before his final transfer, Elder Stewart is packing up his room when the phone rings. It’s the ward mission leader Brother Johnson, he wants to meet the boy for an exit interview. Brother Johnson has arranged for a a ward member to go on splits with Elder Stewart’s junior companion.

Brother Johnson has been a central figure in Elder Stewart’s induction and ordination. Right from the start their interactions were sexual, and Stewart felt safe sharing intensely private experiences with this man.

Not only did the handsome priesthood leader keep Stewart’s confidences, he also ushered the innocent boy into the world of the secret sex cult.

That first night several months ago, Brother Johnson laid the boy on his missionary bed and filled him. And in the subsequent weeks, this scenario played out again and again with his massive cock buried deep in the delighted boy.

It didn’t take long before Elder Stewart realized that all of his desires for guys would actually lead him somewhere deeply pleasurable, and it was soon after that he began his induction into The Order.

His bags are packed and he and his companion are ready to head over to the mission home. Elder Stewart looks himself over in the mirror one last time.

When the boys get to the mission home, Brother Johnson and a handsome man from the ward are waiting for them. The men pair off with the boys and Elder Stewart waves goodbye to his companion before heading into the mission home with Brother Johnson.

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