Ordination (Elder Larsen & Bishop Angus)

Ordination (Elder Larsen & Bishop Angus)

Elder Larsen & Bishop Angus - Ordination

Elder Larsen can’t believe his luck when he thinks about The Order choosing him out of all the boys to join the secret quorum. He has been obedient and worked hard to prove himself worthy.
…but now, after a good deal of time and energy, he is deep in the process of joining The Order.
Elder Larsen has been invited to the temple again by Bishop Angus. He tries to calm his nerves when the bishop invites him into the holy of holies. But he can’t hide his excitement.
He has always found the older man attractive and he has butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about being with him again. The bishop’s deep voice, commanding tone and hot muscular body make the missionary eager to spend time with him.
Unknown to the missionary, Bishop Angus is equally excited. He hasn’t been able to get Elder Larsen out of his head since the last time they met. He has a crystal clear memory of his perfect young body, his pretty hole, and his huge loads of cum.
Elder Larsen is told by the bishop that today he will perform the boy’s ordination. Elder Larsen can’t help getting an erection.

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