MEN – The Dinner Party Part 2 – Matthew Parker, Teddy Torres

Matthew Parker gets a taste of Teddy in before the main dish is served. Direct Download

RawFuckClub – Rawn Anthony & Fernando Del Rio – Give it to Papa

Ebony stud Rawn Anthony finds sexy bottom boy Fernando Del Rio working out at the gym and goes right for that beefy Latin ass. Rawn feeds him his big black dick and then fucks and breeds the boy like a good daddy should. Direct Download

SeanCody – Daniel & Porter – Bareback

“I really need to get you naked…just kinda wanna cut to the chase.” Porter wasted no time starting things up after a day of playing croquet in the park…he really wanted some dick. Daniel took charge and did not disappoint. He gave Porter exactly what he wanted, while getting what he wanted in return. It was a good day for both of them. Direct Download

TimTales – Vadim Romanov Barebacks Damien Crosse

Pure uninhibited raw sex. Damien Crosse meets our hung Russian Vadim Romanov. You guys already know how much Damien loves deepthroating a thick cock. Well, he’s at his best today! He takes Vadim fat cock all the way in (and deeper!). Before the shoot, Damien told Vadim “I like it hard” and Vadim had this naughty corner smile. Damien ends up getting the deep raw fuck he eagerly wanted. Direct Download

ChaosMen – Corban & Vander

Corban is a completely different dude in this video! He was fairly closeted when he did his solo/oral video, and would not even suck Jonas, despite him playing with guys in his private life. It was just ‘too gay’. He was married at the time, and not Out to any friends. Well that changed, and now he is a way more open. Corban has a new dude in his life and has the family situation in hand. This is an all new Corban! And boy does he ever let go in this video! What a change! It is raw sex energy unleashed! Seriously, go back and watch his Serviced video with Jonas and compare it to this one. He is downright voracious in this one! And Vander was surprised too! He had watched his Serviced video also, and was expecting someone to be a reluctant performer. Instead he had a dude hungry for cock! Vander was in total bliss during this video, matching him in energy and cock size! Corban had a few surprises too. He has always had to fuck guys slow and gentle, and when Vander told him that he literally could not fuck him hard enough, Corban works up a major sweat pounding Vander’s hole! He could not believe he was able to fuck so aggressively! The only issue was getting Corban to cum. Even though he says he is a Total top, it turns out has been getting fucked and really liking it. Vander unloads, so there was no way he was going to fuck him, so we insert out trusty butt plug, and let Corban stroke his cock while sucking on Vander’s spent cock. I left the insert in as kind of an OutTake. Despite this issue, which I think is actually hot, this video will likely go down as many viewers favorite video! Direct Download

BearFilms – Guy English & Scott Matthews

BearFilms – Guy English & Scott Matthews Direct Download

Menonedge – Ali Liam – Hot biker gets edged in the motorcycle garage

Jessie Colter is finishing up his work down at the motorcycle garage. Just in time to play with his bound toy, Ali Liam, begging for attention. The hairy biker bulges from his jeans in anticipation, ready to feel Jessie’s wet tongue slide up and down his thick cock. Biting down on the stud’s nipples, Jessie strokes Ali with the fleshjack like a tight hole fucking him until he’s about to cum. Bound to a bike lift, Ali has his bare soles worshipped, feeling Jessie’s tongue slide between his toes as his hard cock gets stroked. Tit suckers are placed on Ali’s chest, the sensation on his nipples driving him wild while his cock slams to the back of Jessie’s throat. Finally Ali’s unable to hold back any longer and rockets a blast of cum across his stomach while he’s left cum covered in his bondage. Direct Download

Lollipoptwinks – Jordan Strong & David Antony

David is a real pro when it comes to sucking a delicious dick. He’s the boy all his friends go to when they need to get their cum sucked out of them and this time it’s Jordan’s turn. Watch the gorgeous boy worshiping that immense tool, stroking, licking and sucking his friend, then rimming his ass for a little something extra too before the boys jerk their dicks together and splash their cum loads from their cocks! He might be straight but Jordan can’t deny how good it feels! Direct Download

Like-Em-Straight – Hard To Swallow – Hamilton Returns

Hamilton has gotten some of our best reviews based on his visit to the studio earlier in this series. What’s not to like?; taut belly, laid back attitude and a beautiful dick is always a winning combo. He’s the epitome of the sensitive straight guy. Brendon falls for sensitive, straight guys like a skydiver. The scene starts with the two guys sitting next to each other, Brendon massaging Hamilton’s crotch. Soon they’re both naked, Hamilton reaching over to stroke the other guy’s cock. If this were a buddy movie, you’d be munching the popcorn about now. But popcorn is not on the menu. Hard cock is, and Hamilton shoots a massive load into Brendon’s mouth. Direct Download

Latinboyz – Thick and Veiny Latino Cock Tex

Age 21 – Height 5’10 – Weight 150 lbs. – Hispanic Tuesday, May 23rd 2017 – This Tuesday Hot New Amateur Video This week’s new model drove all the way from Houston to L.A. on a whim a couple days before doing his shoot to see if he would like California. He did except for one thing: He didn’t have any money. But he did have a plan. He knew there were a lot of porn companies out west and figured he could make some quick cash that way. He was right! We found out he hasn’t had much experience with guys, just receiving oral, but his fetish is being pegged (We had to look that one up on Wiki). So who knows what the future will bring. Direct Download

Helix – Introducing Trevor Harris – Tyler Hill & Trevor Harris

Trevor Harris is a new kid fresh off the farm, gorgeous, hung and raring to go! While horsing around outside by a beautiful fountain Tyler Hill gets to know Trevor REALLY well! We find out the farm boy has fantasies about doing it outside, he likes kissing and he’s pretty versatile. With arms and legs intertwined as they chat, he boys body language starts to get cozier and they realize they need to take the action somewhere more private. Trevor is definitely not shy, grabbing Tyler’s ass by the handful and ripping his clothes off. Tyler targets Trevor’s torpedo and goes in for kill, giving the newbie the full welcome wagon treatment. Intent on making his first scene sucking cock count, Trevor takes his time on Tyler before his new friend suggests Trevor explore his best side. Tyler truly has THE best ass in the biz, a beautiful smooth bronze bubble just begging to be boned. After a drool worthy rimming, Trevor tears up Tyler’s ass like a pro! Harris works his tight hairless farm boy body propelling his piece inside Hill as he takes control of the kids cock! He jacks Tyler off keeping in time to his own increasingly hard thrusts till Tyler can’t take it anymore! Hill explodes like a firehose then begs Travis to cum on him, and boy does he! Tyler winds up covered in cum, his entire tight brown torso glistening with both their sticky glory! Travis can’t resist, he reaches his strong hand down and massages his hard work into his buddy and seals his first partner scene with a kiss. Direct Download

Corbinfisher – ACM – Steven & Quinn Fuck

Two hot guys going at it until they get off, what’s better than that? Throw in a hot blowjob by one of CF’s best on Steven’s big dick, and you’re going to have a good time – Quinn and Steven certainly are! As much as Quinn loved tasting and treating Steven, as he said afterward, “This dick wasn’t going to suck itself!” He teaches Steven just how to treat a big worthy cock like his. Steven is the apt pupil, gladly swallowing Quin’s dick to the hilt and taking Quinn’s face fucking. Quinn rides Steven’s face, then shows him how to put that hot rod of his to work – getting his own hole plugged and rocks off in the process! Direct Download

BrokeStraightBoys – Benjamin Dominates Dillon’s Asshole

Benjamin Dover kisses Dillon Anderson’s neck while Dillon undresses, and once his clothes are off Ben gets his mouth on that cock and sucks that sweet dick. With Ben’s expert tongue it’s not long until Dillon’s soldier is standing at attention, and then it’s his turn to give Ben some head. Dillon works that cock until it’s so big that he can barely fit his hand around it, and when Ben’s thick member is throbbing for some ass he picks Dillon up, puts him on the bed and pushes that prick deep inside of him. As Dillon’s ass stretches around that huge dick Ben gives it to him harder, raw and deep, making Dillon moan as Ben pumps him full of hard cock, taking that tight ass from every angle. Dillon plays with himself while Ben fucks him, kissing as Ben shoves his bareback dick in and out of Dillon’s hole until he pounds the cum out of him, pulls out and shoots his own load onto Dillon’s cock and abs, giving Dillon a little taste before going to get cleaned up! Direct Download

CazzCclub – Oscar, Aj & Lumberjack

Bald headed AJ Alexander and freshling Oscar Wood are looking for toys at Bruno’S. Immediately their eye falls on Lumberjack who is only clad in a jockstrap and leather mask. He is willing to wait for his next master. The two lads start stroking him over the nipples, punching him on the ass and awakening the lust in their victim. While AJ licks his twitchy pussy for the first time, Oscar shoves his plump cock deep into his mouth. Thankfully, the slave swallows the giant cock and opens his ass for the demanding tongue. But AJ has had even more before. In order to be undisturbed, the three seek another room and continue. AJ presses his cock against Lumberjack’s wet hole and shoves his cock inch by inch into the ass channel. After a few hard bumps, the spanking is changed and Oscar fucks his juicy beast into the hole. No ass is left unfucked here! The biggest pig is AJ, who is double fucked by buddy Oscar and Lumberjack. Both gorgeous cocks bump into the cunt and sweep them for the fuck action. Lumberjack now has two in the ass. While the two buddies make him their pig, he screams in lust. There are no tops or bottoms here. Every ass and every pounding is taken care of here, cracked and deep throated. And when the juice is finally squirting out of their butts, no ass is dry. Direct Download

RandyBlue – Brendan Patrick & Charles King

Charles King makes his debut at Randy Blue barebacking Irish Hunk Brendan Patrick Charles King is ready for a massage. He strips naked and lays down. He is making his debut at Randy Blue and what a debut it is. He strips down to reveal a beautifully sculpted physique. This black man has gorgeously smooth skin and not an ounce of body fat on him. He has a sexy bubble butt and a large cock. Brendan leads him to the bed and puts a towel on him. He oils up his hands and starts to rub his body. Brendan is getting turned on. You cans his hard on through his underwear. As he begins to rub Charles’ ass, Charles eggs him on to go further. Brendan starts to rim him. And Charles loves that bearded Irish hunk digs in deep into his ass. Then he moves around the front and feeds Charles his cock. Charles deep throats Brendan down and then turns him down and starts to lick his ass. Then it’s Brendan’s turn to suck cock. He has trouble getting the whole monster in his mouth. But Charles begs him to try and deep throat. Brendan tries his best. He love the taste of the big black dick pounding into his mouth. Then Brendan sits on that behemoth of a cock. He rides it and then he gets it doggie style. And then he finally lays back and takes Charles’ cock up missionary. Charles fucks the cum out of Brendan and then nuts himself. He shoots his load deep into Brendan’s ass and gives him a cream pie. Direct Download

NakedKombat – Trey Turner & Brian Bonds – Two muscled hunks back for redemption!

Back for redemption we have muscled hunk Trey Turner taking on southern stud Brian Bonds. With Trey having the superior size, he plans on wiping the mat with his opponent before fucking him senseless. Brian on the other hand, doesn’t pose Trey as a challenge. He’s fast, he’s squirmy and he’s hungry to fuck. The two butt heads and relentlessly charge at each other to gain control, licking and stroking their way to victory. The winner starts his opponent off in a headlock before throwing him to the mat and feeding him a mouthful of cock. His tongue works up every inch of the victor’s body, worshipping every drop of sweat glistening all over his muscly body. The loser gets his ass pounded into the mat before he’s pinned down as the winner milks every drop of cum from his aching balls. Direct Download

Crunchboy – Best French Sucker

Studio Name: Crunchboy Categories: New Release, Euro, International, Anal, Safe Sex Description: Check out the latest from, Best French Sucker! Featuring the hottest guys in action from France! Direct Download

Jasonsparks – Alex, Kyle & Mason Bareback In Charlotte

When some people are asked about their idea of heaven it’s all clouds and harps etc – ask me and it would definitely be being spit roasted in between Mason Lear and Kyle Steele. Having Mason’s cock in your mouth while you look at his gorgeous body – with Kyle barebacking your tight hole is just about as close to the perfect fuck as you can imagine. Somehow new cummer Alex Lane has managed to find himself in the enviable position. He’s a friendly guy so in the middle of a threesome is a great place for him to be. He’s a hot guy himself so the blonde boy adds just more eye candy to this monument of male magnificence. Alex manages to fit both Alex and Kyle’s cocks in his ass as they DP that newbies hole. Enough talk – this is for the watching – again and again and again and again! Direct Download

WilliamHiggins – Voloda Salanet – Erotic Solo

WilliamHiggins – Voloda Salanet – Erotic Solo Direct Download

WilliamHiggins – Meet Martin Gajda (Full HD)

Studio Name: William Higgins Director: William Higgins Stars: Marty Cane, Martin Gajda, Filip Vacek, Filip Cervenka Categories: New Release, Euro, International, Bareback, Anal, Czech, High Definition Description: Martin Gajda is one very sexy guy. He agreed to a screentest with Honza Onus. Martin stands against the mirror, enjoying the reflection as he runs his hands over his sexy chest. Honza walks in, with his pants already bulging. He starts to rub Martin’s chest and leans over to kiss his nipples. Then he moves up to kiss Martin on the lips. Martin’s jeans open and his cock comes out with Honza dropping to his knees to suck it. Our stunning Martin Gajda came in for a massage. This guy is a real beauty and looks magnificent as he strips down to his underwear, showing his hot body. He lays, face down, on the bed and waits for the masseur to arrive. Apparently Martin has some back pain and the masseur quickly gets to work, with oil, on the back. Filip Cervenka is the masseur and his ..