UKnakedMen – Abraham Montenegro & Gaston Croupie (Bareback)

UKnakedMen - Abraham Montenegro & Gaston Croupie (Bareback)

Yowzer! I knew these guys would totally go for each other our favourite spicy Italian Salami - Gaston Croupier and a steaming meaty dish in the shape of hairy, nasty fucker - Abraham Montenegro. The over sexed, exhibitionist boys are ready to fuck and spunk their way to convulsive, splatter climaxes and of course its all raw, skin-on-skin, bareback...

PeterFever – Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl

PeterFever - Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl

Sexy Scavenger Hunt - Body Shot This bachelor party was getting competitive with this scavenger hunt and I want to win. Jessie and I didn’t hesitate to get started. Our first challenge was to do a naked body shot. I made Jessie strip so I could see his vulnerable naked body lying on the counter. As I grabbed the shot...

His Daughter’s Boyfriend 3 – Nick Capra, Max Sargent, Tommy Regan & Braxton Smith

His Daughter's Boyfriend 3 - Nick Capra, Max Sargent, Tommy Regan & Braxton Smith

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Maskurbate – Frank Returns

Frank Returns

One of last year's favorite model, Frank, returns to Maskurbate. It's been a while since we've seen this little heartthrob. He is such a cutie! I think he could do very well in porn. Frank's got the total package. Shooting this improvised scene in my home gym was a blast. Watch him strip, pose & play with his 8...

RawandRough – Jacob and Aarin Pt 2

Raw and Rough - Jacob and Aarin Pt 2

Aarin believes he’s gonna get John’s fill, but John chooses he’s gonna maintain his cum and create Aarin work with it. John places Aarin creating his fetid sets clear, praise his arms, quit his furry, warm pit have a large doll and plead for cum. John launches at a massive, man-sized, steamy weight and crams everything up Aarin&rsquo ....

SeanCody – Finn

SeanCody - Finn

Finn is as laid back and relaxed as they come. “I mean, I come from the south where everything is just relaxed and calm. I’m a bit of a home body, try not to take anything too seriously.” Right off the bat we asked Finn if he had ever done anything sexual with another guy. “I haven’t...but I have...

ColtStudio – A Man’s View Scene 2: Jamie Blyton

A Man's View Scene 2 Jamie Blyton

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SlowTeasingHandjobs – Whiling Away Super Tuesday

Whiling Away Super Tuesday

I wanted to monitor the first Super Tuesday coverage but needed something to keep my hands buys during the long, boring day, so I tied poor Sean down and kept myself busy with his dick. Over and over again, I brought him to the edge and backed off while I watched the news. I tormented him so long I had to change his position...

MilitaryClassified – Xander (2nd Video)

Xander (2nd Video)

Today I'm bringing back a 19 year old straight stud named XANDER! Yep he's back and this time we're taking it to the next level and Xander has agreed to get his dick sucked for an appropriate amount of money to justify the whole thing. Watch as Rob guides Xander through an amazing blowjob that left Xander speechless!! His...

NakedPapis – JoJo & Pansa

JoJo & Pansa

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BiLatinMen – Rios & Mr. Fine

Rios & Mr. Fine

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LatinBoyz – Gay Latin Sex RITCHIE and CHUY

Gay Latin Sex RITCHIE and CHUY

When Chuy saw Ritchie’s huge cum shot from his solo shoot he knew who he wanted to do his first porn shoot with. All we had to do was show Chuy’s hot ass to him and Ritchie was ready to make his porn debut, as well. The result was a hot fuck session that ended with another of Ritchie’s...

CockyBoys – Colby Keller Fucks Carter Dane

Colby Keller Fucks Carter Dane

Colby Keller is well-known for his take-charge personality, masculine rugged look, and his BIG cock. It’s no surprise that men all over the world dream of being dominated and fucked by him. Carter Dane is one of those men. Except, his dream is about to come true as. His "go to" jerk-off scene is Colby's solo and he admits...

AllAmericanHeroes – Men at Arms

Men at Arms

If there is one thing our fine men in uniform know how to do, it is how to handle a weapon. Hands on, cocking that trigger, and letting rounds fly . . . all over their buddy's face, ass, chest, abs, sometimes even in a few hot holes. Here are some of our finest doing their finest shots, and...

IconMale – Brothers (DVD9)

IconMale Brothers

Production year: 2015 Country: U.S.A. Genre: Anal, Big Cock, Cumshot / Cum, Hairy Guys, HD, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Muscular Guys, Oral, Blowjob, Reality Duration: 1:29:01 Director: Nica Noelle Studio: ICON MALE Starring: Alex Greene, Colton Grey, Connor Maguire, JD Phoenix, Theo Ford, Wolf Hudson Description: Sensitive, insecure Charlie (Colton Grey) finds himself falling for his new stepbrother, athletic and confident Sean (Connor Maguire). But Charlie soon...

Bare Balls (DVD5)

Bare Balls

Production year: 2005 Country: Czech Republic Genre: Twinks, Bareback, Oral, Anal, Big Dick, Outdoor, Threesome, Interracial, Uniform, Military, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot Duration: 1:41:08 Directed by: Vlado Iresch Studio: Eurocreme, Bare Starring: Jay Renfro, Cameron Jackson, Robbie Masters, Sanchez Viva, Thomas Lee, Ernesto Filipy, Bob Oldman, Veno Gould, Koudy Camel, Bill Lewis, Santos Ribisi, Casey Prince, Miguel De Sanchez, Oleg Malecek Description: 14 Bare boys! 6 Bare...

Big Guns (DVD9)

Big Guns

Production year: 1987 Country: USA Genre: anal, oral, general hardcore, uniforms, pre-condom, shot on film and videotape Duration: 2:02:17 Director: William Higgins Studio: Catalina Starring: Chad Douglas, Chris Gray, Jeff Boote, Jeff Quinn, John Davenport, John Rocklin, Kevin Wiles, Kevin Williams, Mike Henson, Mike Ryan, Rocky Armano Description: It's hard to pick the best scene, as everyone has their favorite. It truly is one incredible scene...

Beyond Perfect (DVD9)

Beyond Perfect

Directed by: Jerry Douglas Studio: Colt-Buckshot Starring: Adam North, Andy Briggs, Brad Benton, Brad Patton, Chad Thomas, Danny Lopez, Ian Sparks, Jason Crew, Jason Kingsley, Justin Gemini, Marc Sterling, Marcus, Iron, Pete Ross, Timmy Thomas Multi-award winning screenwriter/director Jerry Douglas gives us three actors with a genuine flare for dialogue and hot sex. It's a story of two tops in love... and...

CorbinFisher – ACM – Chuck Swallows A Load

CorbinFisher - ACM - Chuck Swallows A Load

Round The business, Chuck appears like a peaceful reserved man. He rewards up, prepared to fuck fucked once he gets bare! He is got warm butt and this type of excellent slim body, that I thought it had been time for you to get him hammered by among our greatest celebrities - Connor Connor takes it simple on Chuck in...

MEN – Apocalypse Part 4 (Paddy O’Brian, Damien Crosse, Hector De Silva, Dario Beck, Jay Roberts)

MEN - Apocalypse Part 4

Paddy O’Brian, Damien Crosse, Hector De Silva, Dario Beck, and Jay Roberts fuck hard in this end-of-the-world jizz orgy. Duration: 19mn 20s 130ms Length: 564 MiB Video: AVC at 3 800 Kbps, 1280 x 720 Audio: AAC at 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz Download from: