PeterFever – Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl

PeterFever – Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl

PeterFever - Jessie Lee, Markus Ruhl

Sexy Scavenger Hunt – Body Shot

This bachelor party was getting competitive with this scavenger hunt and I want to win. Jessie and I didn’t hesitate to get started. Our first challenge was to do a naked body shot. I made Jessie strip so I could see his vulnerable naked body lying on the counter. As I grabbed the shot from his body, drops of vodka fell on his washboard abs. It was an excuse to lick it up and chase it down with his dick.

Watch Markus Ruhl pour back a shot off of Jessie Lee in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 5 “Sexy Scavenger Hunt – Body Shot”.

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